The project DigiSET aims to contribute to the effective and efficient support of teachers in educational institutions and future teachers, i.e. students currently enrolled in teaching studies in the development of digital skills using digital tools, through the creation of practical competencies assessment and digital learning content.

For the testing and development of the DIGISET toolkit, the target group was defined: current teachers and student teachers. Current teachers have real-world experience with teaching, and for some of them it might be a big challenge to transfer their teaching methods to online learning. Students, on the other hand, are nowadays expected to be able to use digital technologies for teaching. However, it remains unclear to what extent students are equipped with ICT knowledge. The project therefore wants to achieve that all teachers, both current and future, can reflect the current and future needs of digital education.

The DigiSET project will be done in three phases and will achieve following goals:

Goal 1

Digital competence assessment of teachers and students of teaching studies

Goal 2

Creation of digital learning content and certificates

Goal 3

Evaluation of competences progress & certification

The DigiSET project result will be a digital toolkit (web based) that makes the assessment of digital competences of teachers and students of teaching studies via an online assessment tool (questionnaire) and individually recommends to every learner available learning material for closing potential digital skills gaps as objective as possible. Further, within the project the relevant digital learning contents will be produced.

For developing and calibrating the digital assessment system specifically towards teachers and students of teaching studies we need a large data input, i.e., a large number of teachers and students testing and feedbacking the digital assessment tool, individual recommendation system, and the digital learning contents on digital skills improvement. This will be done by actively including partners in all phases of the project. Within the framework of this project, 360 teachers and students of teaching studies from all partner institution will be involved. For the result to be as objective as possible we believe data collected transnationally has a much higher value for the project result and generally than data collected only nationally.

The DigiSET toolkit and all materials produced as a part of this project will be in English, German, and Romanian. For future purposes, outside of this project, it can be translated into the languages needed. Open access to products under Erasmus+ is a key principle of the program. Core results and reports will be openly accessible to the public even after the project has ended. These outcomes will be available on the DigiSET website for free after the project has ended. Project partners will obtain the full DigiSET toolkit free. Within the last steps of the project, all project partners will work together on creating a project sustainability plan to ensure long term sustainability of the project results. A possible future exploitation and enhancement of the results of this project is possible.